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Remain Vigilant with Window and Door Security

Remain Vigilant with Window and Door Security

Many of our customers admit to leaving windows, and occasionally even doors, open for long periods of time during warmer weather. After all, who doesn’t want a cool breeze blowing through their homes? Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to fully secure their homes before leaving. This can lead to easy break-in opportunities for neighbours or passers-by with sticky fingers. We recommend checking all doors and windows before leaving the house, especially in the summer months.

1 Update your locks

Installing certain approved lock types can reduce your home insurance premium. This is because they’re the safest and the most likely to prevent burglars from gaining entry into your home. Some burglars become familiar with certain locks, and have developed methods to defeat them. So it’s important to have modern, professionally fitted locks. Our guide on approved locks provides more information. If you have any doubts, contact Lock-on Security, a qualified and experienced locksmith in Portsmouth, for more information and advice.

2 Secure your windows

The same rule applies for windows — if you can prove to your insurer that your windows are secure, you may be able to get a more affordable insurance quote. But to ensure your home is safe, you must remember to lock your windows whenever you leave the house.

3 Hide valuables

Make sure you store valuables, such as jewellery, tablets and other gadgets out of sight as they can attract opportunistic thieves – and burglars aren’t known for resisting temptation. You might also want to consider investing in a safe; an MLA-approved locksmith can supply and install one to meet your needs.

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