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Keep Your uPVC Doors & Windows Working in Hot Weather

How to keep your uPVC Doors & Windows Working in Hot Weather

It’s been a busy few days with uPVC doors/Windows being difficult to open and close. Like a majority of materials, uPVC expands and contracts slightly in intense weather conditions. You may find that when warm and cold weather, your windows and doors are becoming tight and stiff and will not lock or unlock correctly.

uPVC is known to expand in the heat. According to, at 40ºC your uPVC can expand by up to 2.4cm, which is likely to affect regular use. This is a perfectly natural element of the material and absolutely nothing to be concerned about, but it can cause temporary problems and difficulty with opening your windows and doors.

You can cool down your uPVC doors and windows by spraying the outside with water, or by patting it down with a cold, damp cloth. This will help the material to shrink back down to size so that it’s once again within its normal working parameters.

Of course, with temperatures as they are at the moment, you may find that this is now an issue. Should you only experience these problems in extreme temperatures, you do not need to make adjustments, as this will only cause you further issues down the line. If the issues with your uPVC products do not rectify themselves once the temperature drops, Lock-on Security can assist with repairs, replacements and advice.

Lock-on Security advise that you never attempt to heat up the uPVC if it is very cold as in extreme cases this may cause it to crack and make the problem more difficult to put right for you.

So, if your uPVC doors and windows are difficult to open or close, do not force them; this could break the locking mechanism gear box. If that happens you could be locked out or locked in. If you have any problems, contact Chris.

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