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How to Secure Your Shed

How to Secure Your Shed

Your shed is a target for criminals. Separated from the rest of the house, and potentially containing valuable tools and equipment, it promises lucrative spoils at minimal risk of getting caught.

To help you secure your shed from thieves, our guide to shed security gives you the low down on securing the roof and windows, choosing the right doors and locks, protecting your shed’s contents, installing an alarm, and checking your insurance.

Most thieves are opportunists, so hiding your valuables from view should be your top priority. If a criminal can’t see your shed from the path or road, there’s no reason to suppose that you have one, and no reason to come looking for the treasures it contains.

Consider growing tall hedges and putting up high fence panels to shield your garden from view, but do avoid taking measures like cementing glass or barbed wire to the tops of walls and fences. You might find yourself in hot water should a thief injure him or herself breaking into your garden.

Minimise the number of garden entrances and install heavy lockable gates that robbers can’t see through. If getting into your garden poses a challenge, many thieves won’t bother trying.

Your local Portsmouth locksmith offers a full locksmith service for both domestic and commercial customers. If you’ve need padlocks and locks for your shed, or advice on how to protect your shed from thieves, give Lock-On Security a call on 07952 302102.

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